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Free email kiosks hit the high street

i-plus kiosks let users send email 24 hours a day
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor on

The UK's first outdoor email service, which will allow users to send free emails 24 hours a day from high street kiosks, launched on Thursday. Dubbed i-plus freemail, the service is part of UK company Cityspace's i-plus online information network.

The free email facility has been integrated into all of Cityspace's 40 London information kiosks, and will be included in 1,000 extra kiosks that are due to be rolled out across the country in the next year.

Users will be able to send email to any address, and can nominate their own email address for replies. A spokeswoman for the company said that it was working on an inbox facility so that users would be able to check their accounts from any high street kiosk.

The company is also developing the system to allow users to send email via SMS and WAP. "We believe i-plus points will take their place alongside the Internet, interactive TV and WAP, to make communication and the delivery of information more efficient and convenient," stated Cityspace managing director, Marc Meyohas.

The company's i-plus information kiosks provide daily updated information organised into channels such as local council information, jobs and entertainment.

Meanwhile, BT (quote: BT) and PhotoPlanet have announced a further 14 online merchants for their PhotoPlanet Internet-enabled photo booths. The new additions include thetrainline.com, confetti.co.uk, buzz and online music shop, Dance DJ Direct.

The kiosks will provide online shopping, Internet access and email. Rollout starts at the end of March, and the company expects to have 1,000 installed by the end of the year.

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