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Freeserve shares back from the brink

Unmetered plan lures investors in droves
Written by Will Knight, Contributor on

Shares in Freeserve (quote: FRE) have been revived after news broke early on Tuesday that Britain's largest ISP is to join the unmetered Internet access free-for-all.

The new offer was first reported by ZDNet UK News on Tuesday morning.

Freeserve saw its share price plummet by 30 percent last week after a host of other companies announced low-cost unmetered Internet access deals. As of 11:29 GMT, shares had rocketed by 61.25p and were still rising.

From May, Freeserve will offer two unmetered access deals. It will provide off-peak Internet access for BT customers for £6.99 per month, as well as fully unmetered Internet access in conjunction with Energis for those who spend a minimum of £10 on voice calls each month.

AltaVista started the ball rolling at the beginning of last week by announcing that it would offer unmetered Internet access for between £10 to £20 a year and a one-off charge of £30 to £50. A whole stack of other similar deals have been offered from other ISPs and telecommunications firms since.

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