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Gateway's UK Destination uncertain

Gateway 2000 may have taken the US consumer market by storm with its Destination Home PC but that doesn't mean it's coming here anytime soon.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor on

The South Dakota-based direct seller said this week that it will sell the system through retail, taking advantage of the huge publicity the Destination has picked up. The $4,000 Pentium-based unit includes a huge 31in screen, TV tuner and wireless keyboard.

However, the Destination almost certainly won't make it to the UK until next year, the firm said. "It's something we're definitely looking to do but it's not even nearly ready yet," said Caroline Shortall, European PR manager. "Every time we bring out something in the US we look at it for Europe. It's in our plans but I would very much doubt we'll have it this year."

As for going retail with the product, no plans have been hatched but it is possible that the system could soon be displayed in Gateway's Covent Garden showroom to get user feedback on the concept, Shortall said.

PCDN Comment: The Destination certainly looks intriguing but at a likely UK street price of about £3,000, the market is at best a niche. As a large-screen prototype for future PCTV devices, it could be influential.

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