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Getting messier and messier for Vivendi Universal boss

Fighting on many fronts
Written by Tony Hallett, Contributor on

Fighting on many fronts

Jean-Marie Messier, CEO of French technology and media conglomerate Vivendi Universal, is expected to face a tough ride later today at his company's AGM.

Not only are there some board members calling for his head - though a sacking this week is now thought unlikely - but thousands of workers from pay-TV unit Canal Plus are expected to protest the sacking of their boss, Pierre Lescure.

Alongside them could stand anti-globalisation protesters who have talked about some kind of presence outside the meeting.

Question marks now hang over the performance of several Vivendi Universal businesses, including the film and music arms comprising the Universal side of the company, Canal Plus, MP3.com and mobile portal Vizzavi, a joint venture with Vodafone.

The performance of Jean-Marie Le Pen in the recent first round Presidential vote and ensuing national political crisis is thought to have lessened the chances of Messier being ousted.

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