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Government figures oust ISPs from internet power list

Money yes; influence, no...
Written by Sonya Rabbitte, Contributor on

Money yes; influence, no...

E-government lobbyists and domain name registrars contributed more to IT last year than consumer websites and online media, according to the latest list of key industry influencers.

Willie Black, chairman of domain name registrar Nominet, came in at number one in a top 50 poll, conducted by Internet Magazine.

Andrew Tsai from Dotname Registry was voted fourth, while Stephen Coleman from the Hansard Society and E-envoy Andrew Pinder ranked second and third respectively.

Representatives from online media including BBCi, CNN, Electronic Telegraph and the Guardian, and ISPs such as AOL, Lycos and MSN featured much lower down the list.

The UK heads of Cisco, Real Networks, Expedia, Telewest and Tiscali were also among the nominees for the magazine's Movers and Shakers Awards.

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