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Government launches SME tools

The Business Link site now offers e-tools aimed at making life easier for SME managers
Written by Sylvia Carr, Contributor on
The UK government has augmented its business advice website with tools aimed at making life easier for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The Business Link site now offers a service that sends companies email alerts for key tax deadlines as well as a tool for quickly creating statements of employment for new hires.

A third addition intends to ease compliance headaches for SMEs. It sends email alerts to businesses explaining new legislations and regulations before they go into effect. The updates explain which organisations the laws affect and what the business must do to comply.

Nigel Griffiths, Minister for Small Business and Enterprise, said the site should simplify common administrative tasks for small organisation and "let them get on with what they do best, making money and growing their businesses".

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