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ITN to launch ITV online news service

ITV is to take its first steps into online news, with sport and entertainment content provided by ITN
Written by Wendy McAuliffe, Contributor

ITN is to provide an online news service for commercial television company ITV. The service, which launches on 9 October, will be the first time that ITV has included news coverage on its Web site. ITN will generate original home, world, entertainment and sport news for the site, specifically targeted for the ITV audience.

The deal also includes the launch of a virtual newsroom on ITN.co.uk, where people will be able to extract text headlines, video and audio content for ITN brands including ITV news, Channel 4 and Channel 5 as stories break.

"ITN has already learnt how important it is to offer users a variety of multimedia formats through which they can access news," said Adrian Pryce, platforms manager for ITN New Media. "The formats need to be fresh, innovative and where ever possible, interactive. The Smart VR virtual newsroom pulls all of that together into one user experience."

ITN.co.uk will also be relaunched as a news portal next week, and will provide fast-access links to ITV's new Web site. The initiative is designed to aggregate all ITN news content in one place, where stories produced for Channel 4 and 5, LBC and a seven-language news Web site for EuroNews will all be accessible.

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