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Kasparov takes on the world online

The world's largest online chess game is "really starting to smoke" according to the its moderator Danny King.
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

The game, Kasparov vs the World, began on June 21 and is now in its 19th move. It is expected to become the largest interactive game in history, receiving more than six million page views since its launch.

There is still no indication of a winner. Kasporov, playing as white, makes moves every 48 hours. The move is posted to MSN, which is hosting the event, and anyone who wants to participate has 24 hours to cast their vote for a countermove. The move receiving the most votes is selected as the 'world's' move against him.

Despite placing the world in 'check' several times, the game is getting closer according to King. "This is going to be a treat to watch," he said.

Anyone can view the game from MSN's Web site. In response to feedback, Microsoft has simplified the voting process so users of Macintosh, UNIX and other operating systems can also participate.

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