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Live 96: NetStation is first UK NC

NetStation today wowed consumers at Live 96 with what it claims is the first UK Network Computer (NC).
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The NetStation (£350 including VAT) is a set-top box with a Web browser that links TV sets to the Internet. It will allow users to send e-mail and browse the Web from their TV screens. The device will be available from January 1997 and can be controlled through either a remote control or infra-red keyboard.

BT multimedia services will provide Internet access, Oracle will provide the software, and there are plans to use the BBC Web browser and content when it is available in spring 1997. NetStation also plans to bundle a smart card for electronic banking, and to offer access blocking for adult Internet material.

David Martin, CEO of NChannel, the holding company behind NetStation, said it was important to launch the NC now at Live 96: "The main competition will come soon from Philips and Sony and Web TV."

NChannel can be contacted by telephone on 07000-852852.

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