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Melissa in the UK? - Not yet

Despite warnings in the US from the FBI characterising the Melissa virus as the fastest spreading computer virus ever seen, many UK ISPs remained unaware of any problems this morning.
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor on

AOL, Demon and NetBenefit had received no reports of the virus affecting UK customers by 11am. All the ISPs contacted by ZDNet News are currently investigating the problem.

US reports of 'widespread' problems in commercial, government and military e-mail systems are yet to be confirmed in the UK. A spokesman for the communications security group at GCHQ had not heard of the virus.

In the commercial world, no company has yet reported problems. A spokeswoman for Barclays bank claimed no knowledge of the virus and said. "Even if there were problems it would be an internal matter and we wouldn't be prepared to comment."

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