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MyRepublic fined in NZ for failing to provide ComCom with finances

Second breach in as many years only lands telco with NZ$2,000 fine.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

The New Zealand Commerce Commission (ComCom) has fined MyRepublic NZ$2,000 for breaching its obligations to provide annual financial information to the agency.

Only after being "pursued" for several months did MyRepublic hand over the information, the commission said. This is the second breach in two years.

ComCom uses fiscal information from the nation's telcos that book more than NZ$10 million in revenue to apportion New Zealand's Telecommunications Development Levy (TDL). The levy is put towards services such as the relay service for the deaf and hearing-impaired, broadband for rural areas, and improvements to 111 emergency calling services.

Should MyRepublic make it three breaches in three years, the commission said it would consider hauling the Singaporean telco to New Zealand High Court, where it could be fined NZ$300,000 for each breach.

"MyRepublic has now breached its TDL obligations for two years in a row," said Telecommunications Commissioner Tristan Gilbertson.

"This is unacceptable -- it undermines the integrity of the system and is unfair on the New Zealanders who depend on the critical infrastructure and services supported by TDL funds."

MyRepublic was warned in August 2017 for breaching the Fair Trading Act, when it promoted its 1Gbps plan for two months before it was available, claimed its "gamer" service would not lag, and made incorrect representations of consumer rights.

At the end of last year, MyRepublic was the most complained about telco in Australia.

In broadband speed reports issued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, MyRepublic has been a consistent laggard in recent times.

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