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News to know: iPhone; DNS patch; Online privacy; VMware; Vista

Notable headlines:Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: A Modest Privacy ProposalRichard Koman: Congress looks at next-gen ad networksTechmeme: iPhone reviewsMatthew Miller: MSM Apple iPhone reviews are up and may just have saved me some cashNate McFeters: Dan Kaminsky breaks DNS, massive multi-vendor patch coming, details at Black Hat Vegas '08Kaminsky and Ptacek comment on DNS flawDancho Danchev: Storm Worm says the U.
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Notable headlines:

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: A Modest Privacy Proposal

Techmeme: iPhone reviews

Nate McFeters: Dan Kaminsky breaks DNS, massive multi-vendor patch coming, details at Black Hat Vegas '08

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft on Vista: 'The time of worry is over'

Michael Krigsman: SaaS failures are 'betrayals of trust' [podcast]

Joe McKendrick: Study: Only one out of five SOA efforts bearing fruit

David Morgenstern: Why does Adobe Lightroom look so different than its content-creation cousins?

Deb Perelman:Can't jump ship fast enough: Your worst IT jobs

Matthew Miller: Checkpoint friendly laptop bags should help with airport screening

Webware: With Lively, Google tries its own ‘Second Life’

WSJ: Google Push to Sell Ads On YouTube Hits SnagsJason O'Grady:Apple touts iPhone 3G and Personal Setup service

Larry Dignan: VMware: CEO Greene out; Revenue light Mary Jo Foley: Look who's running VMware now. Paula Rooney: EMC taps ex Microsofter Maritz to fend off Microsoft Hyper-V

TechRepublic: Four strategies for dealing with vendors who don't talk to consultants

Jason Perlow: Geek Sheet: Configuring Synergy2 to Share Keyboard, Video and Mouse

IT Dojo: Control temporary Internet files and browser history

Nate McFeters: ICANN says hijacking attack due to breach at their registrar Dancho Danchev: U.K's most spammed person receives 44,000 spam emails daily

Andrew Nusca: Acer announces $499 home theater-friendly mini PC John Morris: Are all-in-one desktops a decent deal?

Does Google need a standards office pronto?

Photos: Supercomputing at Oak Ridge

Christopher Dawson: Should free broadband be neutral?

Dana Blankenhorn: The importance of RatproxyGNOME knows why there's no Sun up in the sky

John Carroll: Software's drive to become like television Oliver Marks: Broadcast or communicate?

Enterprise IT and the hypercompetition boom

Jennifer Leggio: Firefox 3 and community -- How Mozilla used social networking to set a world record

Christopher Dawson: They don't all really need laptops, do they?

Harry Fuller: The next generation will deal with global warming, we promise

Dan Kusnetzky: PlateSpin Launches PowerConvert 7.0

Top 10 things Michael Arrington should do to protest Microsoft's bad behavior

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Sony releases PlayStation 3 firmware update v2.41

NVIDIA: Let's spread the blame far and wide

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