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News to know: Mozilla patches Firefox; Vista hot fixes; Microsoft Works as a service

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: Google hires browser hacking guru.Mozilla fixes its end of URL protocol handling saga.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Google hires browser hacking guru.

Mozilla fixes its end of URL protocol handling saga. Ed Burnette: 10 days from report to patch for new Firefox exploit.

David Berlind: Technology Shakedown: McAfee's A/V software runs amok on Windows Vista's tray.

Mary Jo Foley: Leaked Vista hot fix list provides SP1 clues. New Vista fix packs provide updates promised for SP1. Microsoft Works to become a free, ad-funded product.

Ed Bott: Hasta la Vista, Nvidia. Vista Hands On #18: Log on automatically.

Joe McKendrick: Is security the SOA showstopper?

Photos (right):
A museum of missiles at White Sands. Google's battle for wireless spectrum. Washington Post: FCC to Rule on Wireless Auction.

Ryan Naraine: Can Trend Micro’s botnet spotters make a difference? Dan Farber: Symantec slowly mining the 'dark vision'. Symantec CEO John Thompson on Microsoft, Google and Switzerland.

Sun delivers solid quarter.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Why don’t Linux distros make legal codecs easier to find?

Robin Harris: Flash drives: your mileage WILL vary.

Facebook users open to cyberattacks, ID theft? Steve O'Hear: Facebook's spam machine.

Photos (right):

World's fair to focus on water.

Larry Dignan: Verizon FiOS: Beware that first bill. Dan Kusnetzky: At odds over Dell definitions. eBay wins round in 'Buy it now' patent redux.

Valleywag: Facebook's advertising rate card.

WSJ: 10 things your IT department won't tell you.

Jason O'Grady: iPhoneMyeBay 2.0 adds searching. iPhone hacking for mere mortals.

iPhoneology: iPhone firmware hints at new apps, widgets.

Review: Toshiba Portege R500-S5002.

Dana Gardner: 'Desktop as a service' coming soon to a PC near you.

Dana Blankenhorn: Will video get a serious open source business model?

Ed Burnette: GPLv3 Myth #3: GPL forbids DRM.

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