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Nokia takes Smoked By Windows Phone across India, blowing away competition

Nokia India has renamed the popular Smoked by Windows Phone campaign and is showing the people in India that the Nokia Lumia phones are better than their smartphones at everyday tasks.
Written by Manan Kakkar, Contributor

At CES 2012, Ben Rudolph from Microsoft came up with a campaign that in hindsight is the best campaign Windows Phone has had so far. Ben challenged the techies at CES that his Windows Phone was quicker than their smartphones and if Ben lost at tasks they chose, he'd pay them $100. Windows Phone smoked the competition. Post CES, Ben and Microsoft have taken the promotion to other cities in the US. In India, Nokia has decided to do the same, under a different name. Nokia India calls this the Blown Away by Lumia challenge. Nokia is going around cities in the country challenging people that the Lumia 800 is simply quicker than other smartphones at basic everyday tasks.


If you win, you get 1,000 INR; if you lose, well the Lumia 800 is better than your smartphone. Deal with the fact that Microsoft's Windows Phone is a competent OS.

So far, there have been three competitions, one in Pune and two in Delhi. On their official Facebook page, Nokia India has shared several images but not shared the final score (something Ben Rudolph has been very transparent about). The Blown Away challenge is being taken to more cities--Mumbai, Kalokata and Bangalore--which could be an indication that the Lumia 800 is indeed blowing away competition. Here are some pictures from the albums:


Microsoft's Windows Phone is crucial to Nokia, and Nokia India seems to be taking the challenge seriously. They've taken Windows Phone sky-high and are now blowing away the competition. The recently announced Nokia 610 should help Nokia address the price-concious consumer, while the 710, 800 and 900 should cater to the rest.

PS: Nokia India is even live tweeting the event as it happens.

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