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NTL ditches TV internet

Customers must cough up for cable...
Written by Chris Holbrook, Contributor on

Customers must cough up for cable...

NTL, the UK's largest cable network, has axed its TV internet service. The move means existing subscribers will have to upgrade to its more expensive digital cable service, or miss out. The old offering, which was available through an NTL box connected to a BT phone line, has been superseded by the firm's digital interactive cable TV service. The new service offers multiple TV channels, interactive services and email, and an extra NTL phone line. However, NTL customers will have to fork out £14.99 a month for the basic deal -- £5 more than the old package. In other news, Moody's Investors Service said it might cut NTL's credit rating by two notches in the face of the cable company's $16bn debt and its current revenue growth forecasts. For related news see:
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