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NXP unveils initiative to drive RFID innovation

Company launches new partner program to spur development of RFID technologies, a move it says is timely given growing demand from the FMCG and electronics sector.
Written by Jason Ng, Contributor on

NXP Semiconductors has launched a global partner innovation program to encourage the development of radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies worldwide.

Announcing the new initiative in a statement Tuesday, NXP said the program is targeted at system integrators, solutions providers, and reader and software companies with an aim to create a community that can share skills and expertise to drive RFID innovation.

By linking up various industry stakeholders, the chipmaker hopes to minimize technological risks and costs associated with developing RFID technologies as well as achieve faster time to market for applications. In addition, it envisions the program will drive the adoption of, and provide a bigger market for, the new technologies.

Calling the move timely, NXP noted that there is growing demand for RFID applications from end users in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) and electronics sector. The vendor expects growth in RFID solutions for these sectors to remain strong, as the technology is used in new applications and to replace "older, less reliable technologies such as bar codes or holograms".

RFID tag and label ICs (integrated circuits), it added, are ideal for high-volume applications in the FMCG and electronics sectors as they offer privacy modes, a tag tamper alarm, and reliable read rates.

"We want to help ensure that NXP and its partners can effectively use RFID technology to enable the safe and reliable tracking of items, ease of product configuration and an increased level of counterfeit protection," Chris Feige, general manager for tagging and authentication, said in the statement.

To date, nine companies across four continents have joined the program. They include Brazil's Acura Global, CopperSpiral RFID from India, IER from France and Thinkify from USA.

According to NXP, the industry is now reaping the benefits of established global RFID standards. There was a significant uptake in RFID offerings last year, signaling renewed interest in the industry, it noted.

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