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P2P networks under fire

P2P networks under fire in Australia
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor
Australia's music industry piracy investigations unit has launched a blitz on organisations and individuals it claims are involved in copyright-infringing activities. Regardless of the outcome of the legal battles ahead, the move has re-emphasised the industry's determination to tackle what it claims is a serious threat to its business. Here is ZDNet Australia's coverage of the issue to date.

Tensions between music industry and Telstra rising: Analyst
Tensions are mounting between music companies and Telstra over the carrier's apparent prioritising of its broadband Internet business over the interests of the music industry, a leading industry analyst claims.
11 February 2004

Telstra attacks music industry raids
The music industry's piracy investigations unit is in danger of losing one of the legal tools it relies on to gather evidence of copyright infringement, as Telstra joined Sharman Networks in attempting to have the Anton Pillar orders used in raids on company premises and individuals on Friday overturned.
11 February 2004

Sharman to challenge court order
Lawyers representing Sharman Networks today informed the Federal Court of Australia they intended to challenge the validity of the court order which resulted in raids on several premises last week.
10 February 2004

We can't filter Kazaa: Sharman Networks
Sharman Networks has rejected claims from the music industry that it can identify the difference between copyright infringing and legitimate file-sharing on its network, a crucial step towards the company gaining the capacity to block illegal file-sharing.
09 February 2004

Aust music investigators head to Vanuatu to tackle Kazaa
An investigator for Music Industry Piracy Investigations (MIPI) this morning formally served papers on Sharman Networks at its headquarters in Vanuatu in relation to the just-launched Australian copyright infringement case.
09 February 2004

UPDATE: MIPI raids Sharman Networks, Brilliant Digital Entertainment
Music Industry Piracy Investigations this morning raided the offices of P2P companies Sharman Networks and Brilliant Digital Entertainment, along with the homes of key executives and several ISPs.
06 February 2004

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