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Paid-for web content: Now have your say

In search of silicon.com reader thoughts...
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In search of silicon.com reader thoughts...

Following the successful launch of our latest Hot Topic - 'Web Content: time to pay?' - we would like to hear about your experiences online. Clicking on http://research.silicon.com/wi/p0197620/i.asp will take you to a short survey all about whether you have forked out for content online before and what type of material you would be willing to pay for in the future. Of course, in the meantime we'll be adding to our coverage of this subject at http://www.silicon.com/wcttp, so be sure to pay the main page a visit too. We ask whether it is "time to pay" because as the web arms of newspapers, magazine and broadcasters - as well as internet-only publishers - seek profitability many will undoubtedly turn to some kind of 'paid-for' model. This will affect most of us as consumers of information. But can it work? For content providers, we should perhaps have asked whether it's "time to charge", as their futures sit in the balance. Indeed, much of the content in 'Web content: time to pay', including a Behind the Headlines video debate, provides insights into what well known providers such as the Wall Street Journal, The Times and Channel Four are doing. And while we're here, it seems almost rude not to mention that if you'd like to use silicon.com content on a site of yours please go to http://www.silicon.com/feedform/index.htm for details. And here is a taste of some of the great content in this Hot Topic:
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