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PC Expo 2000 roundup

PC Expo is the most influential corporate computing event in the USA. The event has been designed to keep you up-to-date on today's ever changing Internet and web technologies.
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

This year's event redefines business computing by providing the real-world answers and strategies essential to keeping pace with enterprise business and science. Learn all there is to know about everything from personalisation to xDSL; ASPs to e-marketplaces; eCRM to wireless web clients.


  • PC Expo: Clash of the PDA standards Last week's PC Expo points in the direction of handhelds as the computers of the future, but will a lack of compatibility work against them? Mon 03 July 2000
  • IT Week: Sony shows off handheld at PC Expo Sony displayed its much-hyped take on the classic Palm handheld design at the PC Expo show in New York this week. Fri 30 June 2000
  • PC Expo: Where are the PCs? They're still there -- but suddenly the personal computing world is becoming much more than stand-alone computers. Here's why. Fri 30 June 2000
  • AMD hammering at 64-bit desktops Sampling of 64-bit server chip due to PC makers by early 2001. But will there be 64-bit apps? Thu 29 June 2000
  • Bubbly Bezos: 'Almost break-even' Debt worries sank Amazon.com's stock last week. Still, CEO Jeff Bezos could only see the silver lining at PC Expo. Thu 29 June 2000
  • Palm to make all handhelds wireless The Mobile Internet Kit will enable users to link most Palm cell phones and PDAs to the Web without the wires by year end. Wed 28 June 2000
  • Palm OS: Is three a crowd? Palm, Handspring and Sony are playing nicely, but is there enough room for three makers of Palm OS-powered PDAs?. Wed 28 June 2000
  • Palm still handheld king When it comes to the handheld market, the king of the hill is still Palm. Wed 28 June 2000
  • Handspring's Hawkins: We're not like PCs It may be called PC Expo, but gadgets rule the show this year. Wed 28 June 2000
  • Transmeta wins 'ultralight' friends Company touted the presence of prototype products from major manufacturers as offering validation of its technology. Tue 27 June 2000
  • IBM putting a wrap on storage Big Blue set to introduce a series of bundles designed to get a SAN up and running quickly. Tue 27 June 2000
  • The 'fastest browser on Earth'? Opera Software plans to take the wraps off Opera 4.0 for Windows at PC Expo. Tue 27 June 2000
  • IBM to use Transmeta chip in Thinkpad notebooks Transmeta's Crusoe chip will extend Thinkpad notebooks battery life by 50 percent. Tue 27 June 2000
  • Smaller is better, says AMD chief Why Hector de J. Ruiz thinks it's better to be small and agile than big and directionally challenged.   Tue 27 June 2000
  • Back rub, anyone? Big Blue loosens up IBM isn't just unbuttoning its tie. At PC Expo, the tech giant will strip down its image -- pocket protector and all -- at a Geek Spa gathering.   Tue 27 June 2000  
  • Intel-AMD: It's a post-gigahertz hangover Following a mad dash to develop 1GHz processors, rivals AMD and Intel are taking a chip breather. Sort of   Mon 26 June 2000
  • Sony to unveil Palm OS device at PC Expo First there was Handspring's Visor, now Palm OS comes to tiny Sony gadget   Mon 26 June 2000
  • Products

    • ZDNet's annual Trendsetter awards Which new products are blazing the technological trail? The recipients of ZDNet's annual Trendsetter award are forward-looking technologies that we're impressed by today -- and will take for granted tomorrow. Wed 28 June 2000
    • What's hot ... and not Transmeta in, Intel out Tue 27 June 2000
    • Net apps and wireless You've got Internet access Tue 27 June 2000
    • Networking and chips An alphabet soup of new standards Tue 27 June 2000
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      • The PC gave birth to the Internet. Now junior is leaving home, and it's nowhere more obvious than at PC Expo, where PCs are the last thing you'll find. Click to learn which gizmos will leave your PC keyboard gathering dust. Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment from Jesse Berst. Mon 26 June 2000
      • Read what happened last year at PC Expo 1999: 'It's war!' -- Andreessen   Wed, 23 Jun 1999

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