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Petrol for sale at Internet auction site

Petrol panic finds people bidding for last drops online
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Britain's worsening petrol crisis resulted in petrol being auctioned to the highest bidder on an Internet auction site Wednesday.

Blockades at refineries in the UK -- in protest of international oil prices -- have caused a nation-wide petrol drought and resulted in panic buying at petrol stations.

It's unclear whether these offers are much more than a prank, however. One less than entirely serious message posted on the QXL site today reads: "For sale: one gallon of unleaded petrol complete with its own stylish container (green plastic with black screw cap). This rare commodity has dramatically increased in value recently and is set for further climbs. Invest now in supplies of one of the world's last remaining fossil fuels. Buyer must collect as there are protesters at the end of my street and I refuse to pass for safety reasons."

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