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Pipex broadband knocked out

ADSL customers have been unable to access the Internet since Sunday: Pipex admits there has been a major problem
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

UK ISP Pipex was hit this weekend by technical problems that severely affected its broadband service.

The fault, which was first reported early on Sunday, has prevented many of Pipex's ADSL customers from getting online at all.

In a statement published on its Web site, Pipex admitted its broadband services had been hit by a problem, but claimed that the situation was getting better.

"We have been suffering from major issues with the PIPEX broadband platform. PIPEX are currently investigating as a number one priority all possible causes for the outage. However, we are beginning to see some semblance of normality return, though work is still going on to try and find the cause of the problem and make sure there are no outstanding issues," the company wrote.

Pipex added that broadband users should now be able to get a connection, although some may have to try disconnecting and reconnecting.

Many Pipex customers have been complaining about the fault on the forums of "target="_blank" "="" class="c-regularLink" target="_blank" rel="noopener nofollow">Pipexwoe.co.uk -- which was recently renamed Pipexwow after many customers insisted they were happy with the service the company provides.

But the fault has upset some users, who have have complained that the ISP was slow in communicating news about the problems to its customers. One customer was unhappy that Pipex's sales team appeared to know nothing about the fault, while another was unimpressed that it took Pipex until Monday morning to publish its statement.

One unhappy Pipex user, whose broadband account went down on Sunday, was warned that the company did not know how long the problems would continue. "I called their customer support, and the first thing they said when they finally answered the phone was 'are you an ADSL customer?'. They admitted they were having problems, but were unable to give an estimated time for when the service would be restored," he told ZDNet UK News.

Pipex did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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