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Police post 10 most wanted mugshots on Web

West Midlands' 'most wanted' appear on the world's biggest billboard
Written by Richard Barry, Contributor

The West Midlands Police force has published on the Internet the names and mugshots of 10 of its "most wanted" suspects, part of Operation Safer Streets a campaign against street crime.

The ten men pictured are wanted in connection with robberies and assault. The site details the mens' known aliases as well as last known locations.

Superintendent Paul Diehl, chief inspector of the West Midlands Police force told ZDNet News that although he had no idea whether the site would actually help in the capture of the criminals, he was hopeful. "We only launched the site yesterday (Sunday) and we've already had some very interesting phone calls."

Diehl admits the move is unusual but says any move to help deal with crime is a positive one, although he's not sure if a national campaign will follow. "We'll really have to see what happens with this operation. I'm sure if it goes well it could be looked at [for a national campaign]."

The site carries a warning advising the public not to approach the men. Instead, contact the police or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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