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Quotes of the Week, October 6-10

"It was a rumour started on the Internet, perhaps by someone who has something to gain." - Jukka Pokkinen, European desktop marketing manager for Digital, re. The Intel-Alpha buyout rumour.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"It makes sense, although Alpha has not had spectacular success in terms of volume. It could be a win-win for both sides. The technology would be fairly attractive to Intel and coupling that with the negating of the lawsuit would be very, very convenient. I don't believe Alpha has made a profit and it costs a lot of money to keep the R&D going." - Rana Mainee, European market planning manager at AMD on Intel-Alpha.

"Azlan is either a case of extreme incompetence or of very serious deception." - Richard Holway, author and director of the Holway Report.

"Upgrade that Mac." - Steve Jobs on being asked what Mac users can do to help Apple.

"Java will join a line-up of languages. In two years there will be more new ideas." - Gates, of course.

"There is a mechanism for logging what content a site has in it and each country will have its own laws on what content is allowed. The technologies available are very rich in this regard. Technology will never avoid controversy. In the US kids who use PCs watch TV less. You can judge for yourself what's better: interacting with content on the Internet or sitting and watching TV. Books were very controversial in their day." - Gates on Net rating systems.

"Last week, Microsoft went beyond the spirit of the law and into the letter of the law when it shipped Internet Explorer 4.0. We have worked very diligently and have offered numerous solutions. Rather than comply, Microsoft has embarked on another direction [to] break cross-platform technologies. Some might think [the resulting code is] still Java, but it only works on Windows." - JavaSoft's Alan Baratz gets tough.

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