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RIM announces Yahoo alliance

The BlackBerry maker is to embed the Web firm's IM software into its devices, and is looking into doing the same with AIM and ICQ
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Research in Motion (RIM), the company whose name is now synonymous with mobile email, is now making a play for the IM-on-the-move market with the announcement of two instant messaging partnerships for the BlackBerry.

RIM has revealed it will embed Yahoo! Messenger on all of its forthcoming BlackBerry smartphones within the next few months. The Yahoo IM client will make use of the Blackberry push connectivity to send and receive messages.

The two are also working on creating a new version of Yahoo! Mail together.

AOL has also announced it's working with RIM in the mobile email space, with the ISP signing up to RIM's mobile developer programme to support offering AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ on the BlackBerry.

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