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Skype bundled with Kazaa 3.0

The file-sharing program has included Skype's VoIP software in its latest release, so users can make free Web-based phone calls
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Peer-to-peer software distributor Sharman Networks has launched Kazaa v3.0, which allows users to make free online calls to anywhere in the world.

The latest version includes the integration of Skype, which allows long distance phone calls using peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. Kazaa v3.0 also offers advanced search capabilities and a free Weblog trial.

Sharman Networks spokesperson Nikki Hemming said the launch of Kazaa v3.0 provides a platform for the company to showcase its future vision of P2P.

She added that Kazaa will continue its innovation despite "narrow-minded attempts by others to stymie P2P technology through litigation, boycotts and legislation".

"With the recent US Federal Appeals Court decision affirming that peer-to-peer software is legal, we expect to continue innovating and enhancing the experience for Kazaa users across the globe," Hemming said.

Kazaa v3.0 also offers users a free Weblog trial through an affiliate programme with TypePad and includes improved search capabilities with up to 3,000 more results per search.

ZDNet Australia's staff reported from Sydney. For more coverage from ZDNet Australia, click here.
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