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Smart grid tech provider SmartSynch snags deal with nation's largest public provider provider

Another big customer win for smart grid technology and services player SmartSynch.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor on

Smart meter infrastructure provider SmartSynch, which uses public wireless networks to collect and communicate smart grid data, has been tapped for the a project with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which serves 9 million customers across seven states. TVA is the nation's largest public power company.

The deal falls under TVA's Generation Partners program, which is self-described as a renewable generation program. This initiative is focused on helping businesses, residences and other organizations that have installed some sort of renewable energy technology integrate that electricity back into the public grid. Any excess power that is produced by these systems flows back into the grid. At least that's the theory.

This deal is compelling because the ability of communities, businesses and homeowners to integrate information from the traditional grid with data from renewable energy sources is an enigma right now. It's also one of the biggest factors holding back broader investment in those alternative sources. No one wants to be an island of power generation onto themselves, unless they are hugely anti-social.

Generation Partners will use SmartSynch's Managed Services offering in order to read generation information, store it and upload it to the TVA and local power companies that work within its sphere of influence.

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