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SMB Series: Eye on Mobility

It's not a question of if the mobile worker is coming, but when, according to executives from Microsoft, Nokia and Intel. Get more out of what you already have with Oracle Fusion Middleware.

It's not a question of if the mobile worker is coming, but when, according to executives from Microsoft, Nokia and Intel.

"Mobility up to this point has been an executive toy," Mary McDowell, senior vice president and general manager of enterprise solutions for Nokia, said during the CTIA trade show. "Now it's time to bring it to the masses."

Many large companies see mobility as key to improving productivity. Mobile devices, smart cell phones and Pocket PCs will let workers on the road stay connected to the corporate network and use many of the applications they depend on at their desks. But these benefits aren't confined only to the big boys.

Increasingly, small- and medium-sized companies in Australia are reaping the fruits of their labour after introducing mobility in the workplace. The ability to access information on the go is a compelling weapon in the competitive business landscape. This guide is aimed at helping SMBs stay ahead of the game.

Optima Centoris KN
The Optima Centoris KN offers top performance and above-average battery life. It's a great notebook, if you can live with the lack of certain features and its added bulk.

HP Compaq Presario B2823TX
The glossy white casing is certainly unique. Though equipped with a dedicated graphics card on the previous Centrino chipset, the performance of this unit is unfortunately only average.

Toshiba Satellite M50
Despite its extremely affordable price and logical design, the M50 fails to stand out in terms of performance, features or battery life.

Dell Inspiron 630m
Dell's mid-range Inspiron 630m provides excellent value for money with a hearty system under its hood, a 14.1-inch widescreen display and the option of Windows Media Center.

HP iPaq hw6900
The HP iPaq hw6900 is shaping up to be a powerful device, but we're always a little wary of products that aim to be a jack-of-all-trades. We hope it can perform in all areas -- GPS, phone, PDA, and multimedia -- and do them well.

PDA shopping checklist
Thinking of buying a new PDA? Here's a run-down of all the features you'll need to consider before hitting the shops, including options you should watch for in platform, CPU, expansion, connectivity, and more.

PalmOne LifeDrive
The PalmOne LifeDrive is a versatile handheld packed with productivity and multimedia features -- but it's too expensive.

HP iPaq hx2790
The HP iPaq hx2790 is a PDA for those who are looking for a traditional, businesscentric approach to ultraportable computing and don't mind paying for it.

Intel wants super 3G in every PC
Chip giant Intel has signed a deal with the GSM Association to help hardware makers include mobile SIM card readers and 3G connectivity in new PCs.

Road warriors set to iBurst with joy
Mobile users will be the big winners in a radical revamp of iBurst wireless broadband plans which network operator Personal Broadband Australia unveiled recently.

IBM trots out wireless chip for high-definition files
If you dream of a living room without a tangle of cables connecting the DVD player to the TV to the stereo, IBM has come up with the chip for you.

Mobile Australian Open cuts costs
The word on most tennis fans' lips may be 'Baghdatis', but for IBM Australia staff involved in this year's Australian Open, the buzz is all about mobility.

Vodafone Mobile Connect
Aggressive pricing, a slice of speed-boosting tech and a tempting 'unlimited' downloads plan puts Vodafone in pole position in the race for 3G datacard customers.

Optus Wireless Connect
Optus' combo PC Card ticks every box on the wireless menu, including 3G, GPRS and Wi-Fi, to serve road warriors with a smorgasbord of connectivity.

Telstra BigPond Wireless Broadband
Telstra offers its BigPond Wireless Broadband service with either a fixed desktop modem or a PC Card roaming modem for notebook users.

3 Mobile Internet NetConnect Card
The 3 Mobile Internet NetConnect Card is a reliable wireless broadband option, but the usual "subject to coverage area" caveats apply.
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