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Stream becomes Optus' sole contractor

Optus has selected Stream Communications as the single contractor over rival BSA.
Written by Suzanne Tindal, Contributor

Optus has selected Stream Communications as the single contractor over rival BSA.


Don Muirhead
(Credit: Stream

"Through a detailed evaluation process, Optus assessed both companies against a set of key criteria and awarded single supplier status to Stream Communications Pty Ltd," an Optus spokesperson said in a statement.

Stream Communications and BSA had previously shared Optus' contracted installation and technical maintenance work 50/50.

Stream Communications MD Don Muirhead was very excited about the arrangement. "We really understand the spirit of the relationship and will be working very closely with Optus in improving customer service," he said.

"In the next couple of weeks we'll be having detailed conversations with our [sub]contractors," he said. The company will also be looking to appoint more subcontractors to deal with the increased workload.

BSA declined requests for comment.

The news followed subcontractors going on strike in December for better rates and improved work procedures. The strike only lasted a week with the subcontractors going back to work on the understanding that the issues would be addressed.

A spokesperson for the Telecommunications Subcontractors Association (TSCA) said that it was likely that all the Stream subcontractors would be signing new contracts which would include the new rates negotiated in the deal. The spokesperson urged the subcontractors not to sign until the TSCA has had the chance to have a look at the contracts and negotiate around them.

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