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Swinton spends £3m with Kingston

But expects savings from intelligent routing...
Written by Tony Hallett, Contributor

But expects savings from intelligent routing...

Financial services company Swinton has chosen Kingston Communications for a £3m, three-year telecoms contract. The aim is to reduce outbound call costs and better handle inbound services such as 0800 numbers. Adrian Hazeldine, Swinton director of IT and business change, said in a statement: "By switching to Kingston's carrier pre-select service we will cut outbound costs by up to £250,000 a year." Swinton has around 330 branches across the UK and the technology it will take advantage of will allow calls to be routed to branches nearest to a potential customer - assuming they are calling from a land line. Swinton gets most of its new business over the phone and has around 1.1 million insurance policyholders.
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