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T-Mobile lands regional airport Wi-Fi deal

Business travellers can now log on during downtime at Manchester Airport. Just don't expect any change from a fiver
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

The rollout of wireless networks across the UK's transport system is continuing, with T-Mobile landing a contract with Manchester Airports Group.

T-Mobile announced on Tuesday that it has already installed Wi-Fi equipment at Manchester Airport — the UK's busiest regional airport. High-speed wireless connectivity is now available across all customer seating areas as well as the majority of business lounges, the mobile operator said.

Under the deal, T-Mobile will now set up Wi-Fi networks at Nottingham East Midlands, Bournemouth and Humberside airports.

"The partnership with T-Mobile to provide wireless technology means that more than ever before, business doesn't have to stop when travellers reach our airports," said Martin Smith, head of group information services at Manchester Airport, in a statement.

Mobile workers with drooping laptop batteries may be relieved to find that T-Mobile is also installing additional power sockets.

Although Wi-Fi can be very useful for people who need to check the Internet, send email or access corporate systems when out of the office, it is still very expensive. One hour's Wi-Fi access from T-Mobile costs £5 — much more than a typical Internet café where the PC is provided — while a 24-hour subscription costs £13.

T-Mobile recently launched a new unlimited use tariff aimed at business workers. It gives unlimited use at T-Mobile HotSpot sites across the UK for £23.50 (including VAT) per month.

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