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Terry Venables backs videoconferencing supplier

Ex-England football manager Terry Venables has added his endorsement to a selection of POTS videoconferencing and Internet video products on offer from the newly formed Baraka IntraCom.
Written by Eugene Lacey, Contributor

Venables told a meeting at London's trendy Football Football café that he was the ideal person for this technology as he has a business venture in Spain, is chairman of first division Portsmouth and is also coach of the Australian national team.

Venables said: "I'm not a technical person but a practical guy that likes to do things simply ... I will be using the system continually, although there is a narrow window for Australia when we are not both asleep."

In a gremlin-prone demo several remote cameras were trained on Venables' Spanish hotel, which is currently under construction in Mas Pau. Finally, the audience were able to see static shots of the hotel, using the EyeWatch system, which can support up to nine remote cameras. The VidCall32 software was supposed to enable Terry to take part in a face-to-face video conference with the assistant coach of Australia Paul Blanco, who was sitting in front of a screen in the Museum of Sydney.

The first of the Bakra IntraCom products to be launched will be CineMail: an audio/video email product due out next month at £60. Next year Bakra intend to offer all its suite of video and communications software products in a 'black box' that will plug into a phone and TV, and will not require a PC.

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