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Tiny joins unmetered access party

Computer manufacturer jumps on the "free" Internet bandwagon
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor on

UK PC manufacturer Tiny will next month offer unmetered Internet access for subscribers to its free ISP.

The company will be offering a range of monthly subscription-based unmetered access packages to current and new subscribers to Tiny Online. There will be no limit on the number of subscribers to the service.

Although pricing details for the various packages have not been finalised, general manager of Tiny Online, Colin Greene, said "The 24/7 free access, any time, will be significantly under £30, and the off-peak package -- from 6pm to 8am -- will be significantly under £10."

Unlike several of the recently announced unmetered access packages, Tiny claims that there will be no online spending level required, no required amount of Internet calls and no compulsory advertising.

However, as usual, there are a couple of catches to Tiny's "free" service. Users will have to purchase a £10 dialler box to switch the direction of their voice calls, and they must spend a minimum amount on voice calls each month. That amount has not yet been finalised.

Unmetered access packages will initially be limited to Tiny Online's current 400,000 UK subscribers, and will be made available via distributed CDs a month later.

Greene said the company is confident it will be able to support subscribers flocking to take advantage of the new offers. "The crucial thing is to match what they've [subscribers] experienced already, and we are absolutely confident we will make this happen."

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