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UK Web server cracked

Hosting company Fortune Cookie is cracked -- unfortunately for its clients.
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

UK web-hosting company Fortune-Cookie.com had its web-servers cracked Wednesday, leading to the defacement of a number of commercial UK Web sites.

Fortune-Cookie estimates that around 30 percent of the sites it hosts were affected by the crack, but managing director Justin Cooke said, "Although this represents a serious breach of security, it is not difficult to fix and we should soon have it repaired."

The message daubed across the front of these Web sites was typically nonsensical stuff from a ferocious-sounding group of cyber-cowboys calling themselves The Wicked Chaos crew. The hackers used the opportunity to say hullo to such pals as "BLOOD3", "DoubleT" and "XUL8TR".

One company affected by the crack is Promotional Campaigns Group UK (PCG UK). PCG UK group accountant Roger Barrow said he was unperturbed by the whole incident. "At first we thought it was malicious, but we soon realised it's pretty random stuff," he said. "Anyone visiting the site will soon realise what it is and we're not that bothered."

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