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UK Website accuses other of copying site

The owner of UK based mobile communications company JM Communications is accusing a similarly named communications firm, CJM Communications, of plagiarising his web presence infringing on the firm's copyright and trademark.
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

John Morris, owner of JM Commsclaims the HTML code on his site has been "lifted" and used at CJM Communications in such a way that many of the links still point to his site and a number of characteristic spelling mistakes are still present.

Internet law specialist, Kenneth Mullen, says if this is true there are two legal issues. "Lifting HTML is straight-forward plagiarism, but it's a qualitative rather than quantitative issue. It would have to be proved that the ideas behind the site had been stolen. If a company is pretending to be one it is not, that is an infringement of trademark."

The owner of CJM Communications was unavailable for comment.

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