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Unmetered offering hits the Scots

Jings! Crivvens! Help ma boab! An ISP for Scots is to be launched in Glasgae Wednesday
Written by Rachel Munro, Contributor

An ISP aimed at the 'wired Scot' is due to launch Wednesday in Glasgow. Jings.com is part of the iomart group, the Scottish telecoms and Internet company behind ISP madasafish.

The company's slogan is "Nae Tartan. Nae Shortbread" and targets the 'modern Scot'. It will offer ADSL as well as standard dial-up access. Customers will be offered a choice between Jings! Unmetered Lite, which will offer unmetered access in the evening and at weekends for £11.99 monthly, and Jings! Unmetered Total which will offer 24/7 unmetered access for £27.99 monthly.

Email, including WAPmail, web space, shopping, domain name registration, helpdesk and email support and local content is also provided.

Iomart is currently involved in the BT local exchange unbundling process and plans to install its own DSL equipment in exchanges across Scotland early next year.

Head of Jings! Angus MacSween said: "Jings! is Scotland's free ISP based in Glasgow. We are on a mission to 'wire' Scotland by providing the finest Internet platform around. Our vision is to create an online Scotland -- a truly digital nation that reflects the interests of modern Scots and contemporary life."

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