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Warning - Viruses being spread by job-hunters

Job-hunters are spreading viruses like wildfire, according to business Internet service provider, Star.
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Star claims to have closely monitored the transmission of viruses across it's system and believes that people sending CV attachments when applying for jobs are the greatest threat to a company's computer systems.

Star's marketing director, Jos White aid: "The increasing problem with viruses attacking corporate networks is due to a number of factors but mostly the rapid growth in home internet usage brought about by free Internet services. Viruses can often be hidden in innocent documents such as job applications."

Jack Clark, European Anti-Virus Product Manager for Dr Solomon's said: "I can see it being a very significant problem. But most companies are picking up on this situation and are putting adequate anti-virus measures on the e-mail portals."

An expert at Symantec Anti-Virus is more sceptical of the report. Kevin Street, Technical Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: "All they're really saying is that the most common form of attachment is an e-mail. It doesn't matter what sort of document you receive, your first line of defence should always be anti-virus measures. Anyway, you don't know what an attachment is going to contain before you open it."

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