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What's great about the NBN

Industry professionals and politicians of both persuasions have united to celebrate the positive aspects of the National Broadband Network.
Written by Phil Dobbie, Contributor

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When ZDNet approached Labor MP Ed Husic to say that we were putting together a program on all that's good about the NBN, he thought Christmas had come early. Then we told him the catch. On next week's program, he has to come up with an equal number of things that are wrong with it. Liberal MP Paul Fletcher was faced with the same dilemma — he can criticise it next week, so long as he says good things this week.

The same rules applied to our other guests: Peter Lee, CEO of the Internet Industry Association; telecommunications commentator Kevin Morgan; and Paul Brooks from Layer 10 advisory.

In a slightly extended edition of Twisted Wire — there was so much good news — you'll hear about everything, from the inevitable claims of economic benefits, through to praise for the government's wheeling and dealing in getting the whole thing through parliament.

Sadly, one guest has to be given a red card for repeatedly turning the positives into negatives to score political brownie points. Who it is won't surprise you.

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