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Wi-Fi figures reveal Britain's sharing side

BT has released figures showing that the nation shares more than 100,000 broadband connections through its Fon wireless hotspot scheme
Written by Nick Heath, Contributor

Britain has showed off a more giving side after it was revealed the nation shares more than 100,000 broadband connections.

BT released the figures showing the number of people who have signed up to BT Fon, where customers share their broadband connection as a wireless hotspot.

By sharing their own connections using their BT Home Hub, Fon customers can use any of the 193,000 Fon and BT Openzone global hotspots and connections within BT's 13 wireless cities.

Jon Hurry, director of consumer internet services at BT said in a statement: "It's great to see BT Total Broadband customers joining forces to set up a people's wi-fi network across the UK.

"BT has been instrumental in creating Broadband Britain, and we have built on that by calling upon entire communities to come together to create a wi-fi network that covers the country, driven entirely by local broadband users."

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