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Wireless headset for VoIP and play

GN Netcom releases first dual VoIP/telephony headset range in Australia.
Written by Luke Anderson, Contributor
Tired of being chained to your desk?

The answer could lie in a new solution by headset provider GN Netcom -- a wireless headset suited for both VoIP (Voice over IP) and conventional telephones.

GN 9350

The GN 9350 wireless headset is based on DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) technology, which has been used in traditional cordless phones for years. Using a 1.8Ghz frequency means the handsets can be operated at distances of up to 100m from the cradle.

A USB port plugs the cradle into any PC for VoIP connectivity, whilst standard phone jacks connect the GN 9350 to a regular phone. Switching outgoing calls between VoIP or phone is done on the cradle by pressing the corresponding button.

The GN 9350 features Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to remove impurities from the incoming signal, and there are three options for wearing the headset: a headband, an earpiece that is fitted to one ear (similar to mobile Bluetooth headsets) and a "neckband" that's worn behind the ears.

Aimed at executives, professionals and call centres, the GN 9350 is priced at AU$720.

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