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Wireless World: News roundup

A look back at the goings-on this week in New Orleans as the US woke up to the promise of wireless
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

Wireless is the one thing we do better here in the UK than in the US. Mobile phone penetration is far greater in Europe, and two thirds of the wireless phones in the US are still analogue devices. With one billion wireless users expected by 2003 (IDC), the mobile Internet is big business, and the States is determined to catch up.

The great and the good gathered this week at Wireless 2000 in New Orleans to discuss the future of the mobile Internet. With the first WAP phones already on sale across the pond, the possibility of buying tickets, checking email and accessing news and information on the road is rapidly becoming reality.

AOL has long touted the mobile mantra -- anytime, anywhere -- a rallying cry taken up belatedly by Microsoft. Bill Gates used Wireless 2000 to formally introduce Microsoft's Mobile 2.0, while AOL showed off its latest wireless applications.

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