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ZipTel ahead of schedule with 6 million Zipt installs

ZipTel has reported that one-third of Zipt app installs have originated from India, with the telco saying it expects to see 10 million Zipt installs in 10 months.
Written by Aimee Chanthadavong, Contributor

India's demand for ZipTel's low bandwidth mobile communication application Zipt has seen installation numbers skyrocket to over 6 million users across the globe.

According to ZipTel, the results put the company eight months ahead of schedule since the application was launched in June 2015. ZipTel said it originally forecast to achieve 10 million installs over an 18-month period, but at the current install run rate, it believes Zipt will now exceed 10 million installs within 10 months.

The Zipt app is a mobile-based international communications application that will allow people to send text messages and make international calls for free to other people with the app.

The company highlighted the majority of installs originated from India, with approximately 17 percent of the last 1 million installs originating from India, while Indian downloads increased by 36 percent since the last month. India was always the core target market for the company's Zipt app, as it's a country that still operates on predominately 2G coverage and low bandwidths.

Other countries where the demand due to low bandwidth was most prevalent included the Middle East, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, ZipTel said.

To further drive install rate, ZipTel plans to launch its global brand ambassador campaign next month, after successfully running a 10-day Facebook memorabilia campaign during the December-January period with Australian cricket star Brett Lee, which led to more than 100,000 installs of the Zipt app.

Ziptel CEO Bert Mondello believes when the global brand ambassador campaign launches with participation from Lee and Indian cricketer Virat Kohli, as well as footballer Gareth Bale, it will drive greater customer engagement and further improve retention rates. The ambassadors will promote Zipt to their combined 110 million social media followers via the Zipt in-app ambassador portal, and deliver exclusive content to users.

"The Zipt app continues to gain traction in emerging markets and the launch next month of the Global Brand Ambassador Campaign will accelerate growth in the user base and provide clear monetisation opportunities," he said.

"The recent Zipt marketing initiative with Brett Lee pleasingly gained traction. We take great confidence from this result in the lead up to the launch of our global brand ambassador campaign and the positive impact it will have on our costs per install."

ZipTel was launched in May 2014 after prepaid travel SIM provider AussieSim raised AU$5 million in a reverse takeover of sports merchandise company, Skywards Limited. As a result of the reverse takeover, it gave the company the opportunity to list on the ASX and launch its Zipt app, which received further funding in November 2014 following an additional AU$5 million in raised funds.

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