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Get a 1-year Staples Plus membership for $29

Normally $49, it bags you a variety of discounts and free next-day delivery.
Written by Rick Broida, Contributor on

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Think about office supplies for a second. Hey, wake up! Yeah, I know it's a boring subject, but running out of paper, toner, binder clips or whatever at a crucial time could bring things to a screeching halt.

Amazon Prime to the rescue? Sure, if you can wait 48 hours for essential supplies to arrive. (And, let's face it, Amazon's 2-day delivery often stretches to three or four.)

Another option: Staples Plus. The office-supply giant's membership program nets you a variety of benefits, the big one being no-minimum next-day delivery.

It normally costs $49 per year, but for a limited time, coupon code 11443 (applied at checkout) will bag you a year of Staples Plus for $29.

Chances are good you'll recoup that cost pretty quickly. For starters, Plus members can buy 8-ream cases of paper (up to three per month) for $25 each, instead of the usual $54.

You also get to designate five "favorite" items that Staples will automatically discount below any competitor. And any ink or toner you buy nets you 10 percent cash-back, plus $2 per cartridge you recycle.

So Plus may not be as sexy as Amazon Prime, but for any medium or large office that consumes a lot of office supplies, it's almost certainly a smart buy. And, hey, an extra $20 in the company coffers is an extra $20 in the company coffers.

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