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Get a complete business startup kit for free

This StackSocial bundle includes extended trials of over a dozen useful tools and services.
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These are just some of the goodies included in the Complete Startup Launch Kit Bundle.


I've started a few businesses in my day, and one thing I've learned is you can never have too much help.

Help developing your business plan, help setting up your online store, help deciphering the mysteries of SEO rankings and so on.

No doubt it's the same for anyone launching a startup -- especially if it's their first one.

That's the idea behind StackSocial's Complete Startup Launch Kit Bundle, a free collection of tools designed to give you lots and lots of help.

There are 13 in all, mostly 60- and 90-day trials of services that normally limit you to 14 or even 7 days.

Social Insider Pro, for example, aims to help you promote your business on Facebook and Instagram. Sign up directly and you'll get a mere 7-day trial. But as part of the bundle, you get a full 60 days -- essentially two months free, for a total value of $118.

Then there's SEO-growth tool SE Ranking, which normally offers only a 14-day trial. In the bundle, you get 60 days. That's worth close to $180. (I'm not sure where StackSocial get the $840 figure, but, still.)

Other tools include business plan-builder Bizplan Premium (60 days), video/image-sharing platform CloudApp (90 days) and lead-generator Leadpages Pro (60 days).

Not every startup will need every tool in the box, of course, but it's a good bet you'll be able to leverage at least some of them.

And, sure, these are just extended trials -- at some point you'll need to pony up for any given service that's working well for you. But in most cases you'll have at least two months to figure that out, not the mad rush of a week or two.

If you're getting ready to start your first startup, a collection like this could prove really useful.

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