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This 'incredible' Microsoft Teams ringtone remix will make you want to dance

A TikTok remix of the Microsoft Teams ringtone has captured the imagination - and now you can use it, too.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer
Image: Getty Images/Oscar Wong

Microsoft has added a humorous TikTok remix of its classic Teams ringtone as a custom option in Teams. You can now add this Microsoft-endorsed version to Teams if you're tired of the classic ringtone.

Australian musician Calum Newton, who goes by CandyMoore.mp3 on TikTok, in March released a party remix of the classic Teams ringtone with samples of Bill Gates saying "Microsoft Windows… I'm Bill Gates, Gates, Gates…" 

According to Newton, his original remix post didn't get many views, but it blew up after another user posted a video of him dancing to it. Lots of other TikTok users then posted versions too, including Bill Gates who used the remix in a post wishing Microsoft happy birthday.

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One of these remixes (perhaps the one made by Gates) caught the attention of Microsoft, which reached out to Newton and asked him to a create a version that it could share with Teams users. Unfortunately the version Microsoft asked Newton to create scrubs the Gates vocals, but Microsoft says his "incredible remix" still "hits hard enough to make you want to dance".    

Here's Newton explaining how it all happened

To add the Microsoft-endorsed version, users can change the ringtone in Settings menu, under the Calls tab. 

"Starting today, a new ringtone ("Remix") should automatically appear in the dropdown menu. If the new ringtone does not appear in the dropdown, go to "Menu" and click on "check for updates," Microsoft explained. 

The Teams ringtone can be changed on both the desktop and web apps. The Teams mobile app settings are streamlined, so when they are changed in the desktop or web apps it will automatically change across all your endpoints, including mobile, says Microsoft. 

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