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Matthew Miller started using mobile devices in 1997 and has been writing news, reviews, and opinion pieces ever since. He was a co-host, with Kevin Tofel, of the MobileTechRoundup podcast for 13 years and authored three Wiley Companion series books. Matthew started using mobile devices with a US Robotics Pilot 1000 and has owned hundreds of devices running Palm, Linux, Symbian, Newton, BlackBerry, iOS, Android, webOS, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone operating systems. His current collection includes a Galaxy Z Fold 3, COROS Vertix 2, Garmin Fenix 945 LTE, Microsoft Surface Pro 6, and many more, along with classic devices like the Apple Newton MessagePad 2100 and Sony CLIE UX50. Matthew can be found on various social networks under the user name of "palmsolo."

Matthew is a professional naval architect by day and a mobile gadgeteer at all other times. He purchases his own devices and then sells them on Swappa to buy more. Many other devices are sent for review on a typical 30-day or long-term loan basis and then returned to the carrier or manufacturer.

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UPDATE: What was up with the T-Mobile data outage for Google Nexus One owners?

UPDATE: What was up with the T-Mobile data outage for Google Nexus One owners?

I had my T-Mobile SIM in my Nokia N900 and then iPhone 3GS this morning when I saw the Twitterverse actively posting on a possible T-Mobile data outage for Google Nexus One owners. I popped my SIM in my Nexus One and sure enough, data seems to be down for me too. There are quite a few comments about this on the T-Mobile forums and T-Mobile has not yet posted anything to inform us about what is going on. The thing is, data works just fine on my iPhone 3GS and Nokia N900 so it is definitely related to the Nexus One. I also popped my SIM back in my old T-Mobile G1 and verified data works just fine there too.

January 29, 2010 by in Data Centers

T-Mobile experiences voice and text outage across the country

T-Mobile experiences voice and text outage across the country

I was spending the day at the Ferries 2009 conference in Seattle and towards the end of the day tried to send some text messages and make calls home to pick up my daughter, but nothing seemed to work. My T-Mobile data connection worked just fine, but both voice and text services were down. I then checked out Twitter and heard from others around the US that were experiencing the same thing. This service outage appeared to last for about three hours for me and everything is back up and running just fine.

November 3, 2009 by in Data Centers