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Data centers are being reinvented via virtualization, servers with better performance per watt, and the increasing popularity of cloud computing. Key vendors such as Cisco, EMC, HP, IBM, VMware and others are all pushing to make the data center more efficient.

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Cerebras did not spend one minute working on MLPerf, says CEO

Cerebras did not spend one minute working on MLPerf, says CEO

MLPerf is the widely cited benchmark test for how fast computers are at crunching artificial intelligence problems. Cerebras Systems, which unveiled its first AI computer system Tuesday, said it spent no time optimizing for the test, given that it has little to do with real-world problems.

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Chip startup Spin Memory wants to change the key ingredients of all chips

ZDNet's Tiernan Ray explains that a special mind of data memory called MRAM, for magnetic random access memory, has taken years to commercialize. Startup spin memory thinks the key to making it work is to take advantage of the inherent randomness in MRAM. Viewed from that perspective, the chip could actually accelerate AI applications, giving it special appeal. Read more:

October 9, 2019 by

VMware embraces Kubernetes a little more: Why this time it matters

The open source workload orchestration system that has already remade the data center could soon be at the center of the biggest virtualization platform that enterprises already use today. The seed for a new industry may be planted whether enterprises know it or not. ZDNet’s Scott Fulton tells Karen Roby this could be the foundational move for a new and better way for people everywhere to use applications on their computers and devices – that is, if the third time is really the charm for VMware. Read more:

September 16, 2019 by

Edge computing: Will it replace or enhance the cloud?

Suppose thousands of small data centers you could fit in the back of a truck could replace massive, hyperscale cloud data centers? They’d be closer to customers, less costly to cool and maintain, and faster to deliver services to enterprises. What’s the catch? Take your pick, because there are several. Scott Fulton talks with Karen Roby about the prospects and the pitfalls at the very edge of the computing landscape. Read more:

August 14, 2019 by

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