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And the Award Goes to… SAP’s Mobile Consumer Trends Site

We turned oodles of survey data into an award-winning interactive site that lets you click around to learn more about what kinds of mobile services consumers want.

Last October, I linked to SAP Mobile Consumer Trends, an interactive website that SAP (my employer) published in tandem with our Mobile Consumer Report, which I blogged about here.

I’m mentioning it again now because it just won an award. The Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX) just announced the winners of its 2014 What’s Next awards. Our website—or rather, our agency, White Rhino—won in the B2B Professional Services and Technology category.

And they deserve it. We went to White Rhino with the challenge of not just capturing the essence of three regional reports, but to also include data we couldn’t squeeze in to the original reports. The survey contains the responses of 13 thousand people from 17 countries – so there was a staggering amount of data to present in a digestible way.

SAP | Mobile Consumer Trends

They created an intuitive and engaging website. It clearly explains the current situation when it comes to consumers and mobility: their appetite for mobile services, how easy or hard they find current offerings, and what will prompt them to try new mobile services in future.

I think they did an amazing job, and it’s very nice to see others agree with me.

Even if you’re a regular reader and remember the site from a few months back, it’s worth another look.

And we now have local editions for select regions: Brazil, South America (Spanish), 
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