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Are you ready for the new world of work?

70 percent of employees in Asia consider themselves to be mobile workers, but only a third feel empowered to do so.

Think back to five years ago, how did work look like for you? Does it look different today? For most of us, the notion of work has changed. Today, work is no longer a 9-5 job confined to a desk in a building, it is simply where and when we get things done.

As the world of work changes, companies need to keep up. A Microsoft study revealed that only 44 percent of workers in Asia feel equipped to do their jobs. 70 percent considered themselves to be mobile workers, but only a third feel empowered to do so (see infogrpahic below).


Is your organization ready for the new world of work? I encourage you to consider three key principles.

People: Does your leadership team and organization's culture support or hinder your employees to work from wherever they are?

Place: Does your workspace design and policies enable collaboration in the office and out of office - with customers, or even at home?

Technology: Are your employees equipped with secure technology and tools to enable them to succeed in this environment, allowing collaborative work wherever they may go.

Enabling your employees to do their best work anywhere, at any time makes good business sense - productivity will increase, collaboration more seamless and your employees will be happier. Organizations that empower their workforce also attract and retain the best talent.

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