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Built small to dream big

When you're a David with little resources in a world of Goliaths, how can you develop a competitive business edge within your means?

They say size doesn't matter. But for small businesseswith budget constraints, limited resources, and changing business plans, it can be hard enough to stay afloat, let alone dream big.

The truth is, you don't need a lot of expensive equipment to empower your teams. With Microsoft 365 Business--one integrated solution that combines the productivity of Office 365 with the security of Windows 10--you can enhance your operations. Grow your business. And achieve more, with less. Here's how.

It's not the size of your team. It's how well they collaborate.

With fewer employees, every team member will have to pull their weight. Some of your staffmay handle multiple roles too. So tools that help them get more done,together, will come in handy. The chat-based workspace, Teams, for instance, enhances communication and reduces the likelihood of mistakes by keeping everyone on the same page. While tools like Flow can help them stay on top of their tasks easily. Learn how to choose the exact collaboration tools for your company and encourage adoption with concrete action plans.

Get additional security without adding infrastructure.

You don't need a large IT department to safeguard your confidential data either. Microsoft 365 Business protects you against malware, viruses and spyware with cyber threat protection and all the latest security updates. Your devices are more at risk than you think. But should you lose them while travelling, built-in encryption ensures your data remains intact.

Having a single, integrated solution like Microsoft 365 Business saves you time and money, and helps you scale as you grow. With centralized user, device, and app management, you also get more control on an easy-to-use console.

So being built small doesn't mean you have to put a limit on your plans for your company. With Microsoft 365 Business, you can go further, easily.

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