Business Computing for the 2020s: Driving Performance for Business Applications

AMD’s Zen 2 processor architecture is designed to support the applications that business users rely on, today and into the future.

Business Computing for the 2020s: Driving Performance for Business Applications

Look over a typical business worker's shoulder and you'll see a PC screen packed with open applications and tabs. They're running Excel spreadsheets, at least five or six browser windows, email, and a video chat with colleagues. A virus scan is running continuously in the background to ensure that corporate data is safe.

These workers' productivity is tied directly to their PC's ability to support all these activities simultaneously.

Fortunately, AMD is committed to bringing cutting-edge computing power to everyday business tasks, resulting in the Ryzen™ PRO 4000 family of processors. These CPUs combine several disruptive technologies to deliver fast and responsive performance for business-class users.

We spoke with Matt Unangst, Director of the AMD Commercial Client Business, to learn more about the performance improvements built into Ryzen PRO 4000 Processors.

"We deploy some of the most advanced technology in the world," Unangst said. "With our 7-nanometer manufacturing process technology and our "Zen 2" architecture, we're delivering leadership capabilities across the dimensions that business users care about today."


The "Zen 2" architecture enables AMD to deliver fast performance and low power consumption, he explained, resulting in PCs that support business applications better than previous generations while extending battery life - up to 24 hours with a Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U processor-powered HP EliteBook 835 G73.1

"What does this mean for a user?  It means they get a snappier, more responsive experience with Microsoft Office, and it means they can be productive anytime, anywhere," Unangst stated. He cited benchmark test results that show Ryzen PRO-based systems delivering up to 37% improvement in performance in Microsoft Office overall, and up to 77% improvement on Excel, when compared to previous generation AMD processors.2

"We've optimized our products to be highly power-efficient," he added. "Our Ryzen PRO 4000 processors are ideally suited for managing the heavy multi-tasking requirements of today's business user. With up to eight cores and 16 threads, users can run multiple files and applications, they can have multiple browser windows open, they can do a video conference while everything else is running on their PC, and they still get a responsive experience because the processor is able to manage that workload in parallel."

Recognizing that data protection is another critical need for business users, AMD has focused on building advanced security capabilities into its Ryzen PRO 4000 Processors, as well. "Partnering with others in the ecosystem, we're very focused on delivering new capabilities and innovations around security," Unangst said. "And as we look forward, we know that business users are going to continuously demand better experiences and better devices, and our roadmap is designed specifically to meet and exceed those needs."


Business Computing for the 2020s: Next-generation Security

"We are constantly innovating around security and the feature sets needed for corporate IT environments," he concluded. "Delivering features and capabilities that help protect information, identities, and critical data, our Ryzen PRO processors are meeting the needs of business users and defining a new standard for the modern business PC."

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The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and is subject to change without notice. "Zen 2" is a code name for AMD architecture, and is not a product name. GD-122.

1.  A properly configured HP EliteBook 835 G7 with AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U Processor gets up to 24 hours of MM14 battery life. Actual battery life will vary based on several factors, including, but not limited to: system configuration and software, settings, product use and age, and operating conditions. AMD has not independently tested or verified the battery life claim. See for additional details. RNP-28.

2.  Testing as of 1/24/2020 by AMD Performance Labs on a Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U Reference Platform vs. Ryzen 7 PRO 3700U (HP EliteBook 745 G6) using PCMark® 10 Overall Scores and PCMark® 10 Excel Scores. PCMark is a registered trademark of Futuremark Corporation. Results may vary. RNP-6Test.

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